Test Scores For Economically Disadvantaged Students

The Challenge California’s Department of Education provides a rich store of data, and the 2015 California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress were no exception. After the results were released, local educators wanted to know how schools and districts in San Diego county performed, with a special emphasis on high-poverty schools. The Solution After loading the 2015 … Read more

Analyze Street Sweeping GPS Data

When Wendy Fry, a reporter with NBC 7 San Diego, requested data for a story about street sweeping, the city sent her a dump from their dispatch system’s GPS logs, a dozen files with several million records. Civic Knowledge, working under its nonprofit San Diego Regional Data Library, processed the records to determine which streets … Read more

Tracking City Department Performance

Andy Keatts, a reporter for Voice of San Diego, had been working for months with the City’s Development Services Department to release hundreds of thousands of development permit records, but working with XML data  was beyond a reporter’s typical skill set. Civic Knowledge extracted the records from the City’s API and converted the XML records … Read more


The Challenge As part of it’s “Free The Data” program, the California Health Care Foundation sponsors projects to make health data more available, including the HealthData+ project, which gives county health departments a platform for telling data-based stories. Although a commercial tool, LiveStories, could handle the story telling component, the system still required dataset that … Read more

HMDA Summary Reports

The Challenge The San Diego Housing Commission reviews data reports from the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act to ensure that San Diego area lenders are following the law. When they wanted to reduce costs of processing the data into summary reports, they turned to Civic Knowledge for help.  The Solution Because we had already loaded HMDA data … Read more

Linking Student Analysts and Nonprofits

The Challenge When recently graduated students told us that it was difficult to land data analysis jobs without experience, we realized there was an opportunity to simultaneously give students experience and aid local nonprofits with answering data questions. The Solution In spring of 2015, operating as the San Diego Regional Data Library, we ran a data contest with … Read more

Plotting San Diego Street Lights

The Challenge After writing a series of stories about San Diego city infrastructure, Voice of San Diego reporter Liam Dillon turned his attention to street lamps. Although the city published GIS data for the locations of street lamps, Liam wanted to understand how the number of lamps varied by community. The Solution Working through our non profit project, … Read more

Crime Visualizations and Public Record Requests

The Problem San Diego area residents had an impoverished view of crime in their city; the official crime maps only showed a few weeks of incidents, and the local statistics covered entire neighborhoods, neglecting to consider the difference in time of day or commercial crime versus residential crime. Worse, the data that could answer these … Read more